photo-biography of Tom Bochsler, Photographer since 1950

The early part of the book includes a variety of press and PR photos, which was much of what I photographed for the several medias and company news papers in the 1950’s and 60’s. Industrial photography was challenging and satisfying because I was able to create images that my clients didn’t believe were possible. I achieved this through lighting, composition and usually including a worker doing what was technical correct and safe too. I use a phrase that describes a lot of industry photography in that era, ‘dirty, dark and dangerous’.

The books origin comes from prompting by some of my great clients and my wish to create a photo-biography of my work experiences and opportunities as a photographer and more specifically as an industrial photographer.

I wanted to present my photographs with the best reproductions of my selections to record a history of what were images that were my greatest satisfaction, but also that of my diverse list of clients. In most cases it was the referral of one client to another.

In presenting the description/captions, I have written them so that everyone could understand the photograph and see images of workplaces and enjoy the history.

The Art of Industry, an Industrial Photography book, includes a collection of 272 black & white and colour photographs, of events, personalities and the many industries which were part of my every day photography assignments for local and international companies for more than 50 years. These selections depict a few of many thousands of photographs made, and have brought special satisfaction in the execution, result and effectiveness for my clients.

The subjects are varied and the caption and dates help to engage the reader of history passing by.

It’s a little like walking through a gallery of photographs and being able to study each image, for content, composition, lighting and design.