July 26, 2013

Hi Tom,

It was great to have a visit with you this past week and reminisce about times past that had many good memories of you visits to Burlington Steel and Atlas Welland. You took some great pictures of the operations that will be kept for future generations of the Industry

Many thanks for your gift of the book you had produced of the several different Industries in our community and the great shots of Jayne Mansfield and Patsy Cline. Even my kids recalled these gals with delight. I will treasure this book and show it off on many occasions

Best wishes,
Bruce Hamilton (former President Slater Steel/Atlas Steel)

February 5, 2013

Hello Mr. Bochsler,

Thank you very much for the kind gift, being a steel manufacturing company ourselves we found it quite interesting.
Scott Jones in marketing has worked with your studios in the past, pictures of our toilet partitions were taken and I understand they won awards for Bochsler Studios.

He went on in great detail about the amount of time and lighting required to get the pictures taken, I can only imagine the effort required to take some of the great shots that are in your book.
I personally have always been a fan of art and photography, particularly impressive is how an artist can take something very ordinary and find beauty in it.

You have accomplished this on numerous pages.

By the way you have met Johnny Cash twice, that must have been a thrill and even more significant as time goes by.
The man is a true legend. Since I’m a big fan I had to mention it.

Thanks Again,
Tom Wilkie
Senior Buyer,
Hadrian Mfg.


November 27, 2012


…for your beautiful book! It’s a delight of creativity and abstract art – along with amusing scenes. I especially like the Railcar Paint Drying Chamber, and the symmetrical kegs. But really every page has delights. Thank you, you’re so kind!

I’ll write to Marianne to thank her for the illumination.

Best wishes,

October 15, 2012

Hi Tom,

I want to thank you for your most interesting presentation last night. Being involved with the program I am always conscious of the audiences reaction to the speakers and I can tell you that I was extremely pleased with all of the good comments I heard about your talk and slides.
Thanks Tom for donating your book to the Society. I prize the copy that you gave to me. Thank you again for making it such an enjoyable evening

Ken Davies
Burlington Historical Society,
Program Chair

August 3, 2012

Hello Tom,

Thanks SO VERY MUCH for your fantastic book. My wife and I find ourselves going back to it several times and even our grandkids (10 & 7 years) have been found looking through it – entirely on their own. The did not know for example that cars (Studebakers) were once made in Hamilton. We even drove them by the old plant where the cars were made.

Thanks again for the invitation to speak to the Probus Club.

Enjoy the remaining summer & hope our paths pass again – real soon!

Dr. Frank Stechey

July 24, 2012


Sorry to take so long in getting back with my comments on your generous gift. I had placed your book on a plastic box full of old things worth preserving in my office and forgot it was there. Finally I discovered it and took some time to work through the pages. It is a great visual tribute to an outstanding career. There is no doubt that you were “the best”. While you didn’t do much for us, whatever you did was of exceptional quality. Glad you took the time to put this collection of memories together. It should last forever! And thank you.

SandyGeorge (Sandy) Thomson
Thomson-Gordon Group


December 20, 2011

Hello Mr. Bochsler,

I just want to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying your book “The Art of Industry”.

My wife Daina happened to hear you discussing it on Judy Marsales’ radio program last August.

I had remarked that I’d like to have a copy, and she followed up by getting it for me as a Christmas gift. She really appreciated your helpfulness as she sought locations to purchase it.

As a life-long resident of the Hamilton area, I have a keen interest in local history, including the city’s rich industrial heritage (I’m a member of the board and marketing chair of the Dundas Museum and Archives).

I was thus especially interested in your photos depicting Hamilton-area factories, particulary the Westinghouse works, as both my father and father-in-law were employees of that company.

Congratulations on producing such an excellent record of you work!

Tom Tustian – purchased a book from AGH

June 16, 2011

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your splendid book of photographs. The book is a testimonial to your rare talent and insight. I know that I will maintain interest in it and derive enjoyment from it for a long time. Thank you once again for the drive back and forth. It afforded me the pleasure of renewing an old acquaintanceship and discussing many areas of interest. My best wishes for a summer of good health with your loved ones.

Rabbi Bernard Baskin

May 7, 2011

Could you sign it something like, “Niklas, Your wife sensed something special about my book and thought it connected with your own life’s work in ‘industry’. She thought you needed this! Happy Father’s Day to you.”

Thank you again, Tom. I saw one of the “industrial photography” photos at your website (I think, or perhaps at the From the Heart Publishers’ site?), one that featured finished coils of some sort of metal, I think also some yellow colored scaffolding, and that made me think it really does take a special photographer to see the art in that work. Many people see a messy, loud, maybe insignificant workplace; people who see the art in it see that the metals industry affects nearly every single person on earth in different ways, in how essential it is to a “civilized” life. That particular photo just seemed, to me, to honor what was going on in it.

Annie Almstedt, Columbus, Ohio

March 27, 2011

Dear Tom,

What a surprise to get such a beautiful book! Maureen and Albert sent me your book.

I like this photo-book very much. It shoes Canada like it is, from a part which tourists don’t realize to exist during their visit. I also like the very interesting comments that not only give reality comments but also comments of the live that belongs to these pictures and to you. Congratulations for this excellent book!



December 28, 2010


I spent several pleasant hours looking at your photos and enjoying the stories behind them. You are a very creative man. While the photos speak for themselves your narrative answers the questions we have. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I particularly enjoyed “Tom & Bob” in the sunbeams of the Slater Industries factory. This brought back memories of my early telecom career (1961) when I conducted a week long ‘station user review” at Raybestos Manhattan, the “brake lining” manufacturer in Peterborough. While I have no photo I can still see, in my minds eye, the asbestos crystals dancing in the brilliant sunshine streaming into the factory. I remember,”in my youthful ignorance”, telling the workers that they should have to pay to work in that environment. As I am sure that many of them later perished from their work experience I hope they forgive me. Like so many things in life asbestos can be beautiful and deadly.

Again Tom, thanks for compiling and sharing.
John McCarthy

December 24, 2010

And guess what one of my Christmas presents was? Well of course you don’t have to guess! You signed it! So proud! Love you so much.

Nephew Paul

December 21, 2010

Hi Tom,

I am finally sitting down to send off a long overdue note. I apologize for my tardiness. I’m not sure if you are aware that my company also does pre made arrangements for Loblaw and Sobeys stores. We have been flat out since the 15th of November and have just sent the last of the items off in boxes. Needless to say it has been a bit crazy here. I would have loved to have been able to attend your book launch and hope it was a great success! I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an amazing career and to thank you for sharing your “vision”. Merry Christmas and much success and happiness in 2011.

Warm Wishes,
Kathy Mustard

December 21, 2010

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the lovely gift of your photography book. I will treasure it. Sandy, nor I, expected such a present. I have really enjoyed working at your studio over the years. This will be a fond memory (if I ever retire!) of all my experiences. You inspire us all; I hope to follow in your foot-steps and keep on working forever!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. And a great time in 2011.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.
Sue Bailey

December 18, 2010

Hi Tom,

Looks like it was a moment in history Tom. Congratulations on your accomplishment. This book has to go to National Archives. I will pick my copy up on my next trip to Chapters.

All the best for the New Year and enjoy retirement my friend.
Andre and Micheline Amyot, photographers

December 14, 2010

Thanks Tom!
My art director, Kate, who you also met, will be in touch soon to request some hi-res images to run in our spring edition of BIZ!

The best of the season to you!

December 14, 2010


Sorry I missed this Tom! I saw your book at the B,E,O, party. As usual very impressive.

Good luck,

Art (Adams)

December 14, 2010

Hi Tom!

Enjoyed the Book Launch and seeing old friends. Thanks for the great book and the chance to be part of the launch!


PS. I would have brought my camera, but I knew you’d have it well covered.

December 13, 2010

It was my pleasure and thank you for the invite.

Friar Maurice Richard OFM Conv.
Pastor, St. Raphael’s Parish

December 13, 2010

Tom, wonderful show. So sorry I missed it. Congrats as usual.
Well done, Gord Conant

December 12, 2010

Thank you so much for allowing us to participate, Tom, this was a wonderful event.But who’s the guy with the red hair and the big stomach in those pics?
All the very best, Ian(Elliott)

December 12, 2010

Hallo Tom,
Congratulation to your new presentation. Wir wünschen Dir viel Erfolg für Deine “book-launch”. Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesundes und glückliches Neues Jahr für Dich und Deine Familie wünschen
Gisela und Hans

December 11, 2010

Thanks very much Tom. Glad that things are going well with your book.
Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your family from Joan and I.
Don Crossley

December 10, 2010

Hi Tom,

We have just arrived back from our trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel today. So sorry to have missed this great event. Thanks for including us in the invite. We trust it went well and again say how much we would like to have been there. Once we find our bearings and recover from the holidays we will have a private get-together.

Every blessing to you and Doreen for Christmas.
David & Vivienne Humphreys

December 10, 2010

Hi Tom,

I hope I look as good as you when I reach your age. Nice to see your wonderful family was all present to recognize their Dad`s wonderful achievement.

Good to hear that you never forgot during your success in the business world that family was and is really everything after all. Also good to see you again, stay well my friend.

Cheers, Tom Sawyer, Quest Retail Systems Inc.

December 7, 2010

Hi Tom!

Enjoyed the Book Launch and seeing old friends. Thanks for the great book and the chance to be part of the launch! Thies Bogner

December 7, 2010

Tom you did a great pioneering job with the photos of chemical reactions in my Chemistry text books. They were the first such photos used to illustrate a chemistry text and they set a trend for all other chemistry books to follow. You overcame many technical challenges to produced a set of approximately one hundred truly excellent photos illustrating elements, compounds and their chemical reactions.

Very best wishes,
Ron Gillespie
Ph.D. D.Sc. FRS. FRSC. CM.
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, McMaster University

December 6, 2010


We are privileged to receive this invitation. Syl and I will attend and see you there.We absolutely love your book and think you should do more on different areas of Canada. Look out Mike Filey “The way we were Toronto Sun.”

Tom Sawyer

December 6, 2010


Congratulation for your much overdue book, I am sure that it will be great book. No one could write or illustrate a book about industrial photography, like you. You are the Man.Sorry I am unable to come on Tuesday, we are snowed in here in Alliston, plus i teach a evening class here that night.

All the best. Cheers,
Bert Hoferichter, MPA Photographer

December 2, 2010

The book seems to be of real interest for someone like me who did engineering studies back in France. I will be more than pleased to learn about Canadian industry history. Is it your first book? Why this topic?

Best Regards,
Vincent Luissez

December 1, 2010


I would love to be there but unfortunately I will be out of the country until the 9th. I hope you have a wonderful turnout and all the best over the holiday, and you should play your story at your event!!

Take care,
Kristin Demeny

December 1, 2010

Hi Tom,

Delighted to see they gave you and your work a page on Saturday. You chronicled a city that really had muscle. Not sure what the new Hamilton is going to look like yet, but we’ll say our prayers.I’ll bet your book ends up under a lot of trees this Christmas.

All the best,
Paul Wilson (The Spec)

p.s. The harmonica still calls my name

November 1, 2010

Our eight (8) secondary schools and our Continuing Education will be very appreciative of your donation of your book The Art of Industry. The book is a true work of art and the photographs displayed clearly demonstrate that industries are integral to our economy.

Our sincere thanks,
Danielle Ross, Executive Assistant, Director’s Office, Halton Catholic District School Board

November 1, 2010

Thanks Tom as you have done a wonderful job. I hope to take the book into the office soon so everyone gets a chance to see it and let Bob and Annette aware of your offer.

Thanks Again Tom,
Mike Samples (CHCH)

October 28, 2010

I’m so envious the experiences you have had in your life and your ability to capture them in such an amazing way. You are a truly gifted individual. Congratulations are this accomplishment, and for sharing this history with us!

I will most definitely be ordering myself a copy to help me aspire to be a better photographer.

All the Best,
Wendy Gonneau MPA, LPPO, photographer

October 13, 2010

Hi Tom,

I just want to send you an email to congratulate you on your new book “the Art of Industry”. I had no idea you were working on such a big project. It must have taken you a few years to write. Just recently I was flipping through the TV channels and spotted you on Cogeco. Was I surprised and very impressed! Congratulations again. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please say Hello to Doreen for me.

Warm regards,
Tracy Lilly

October 10, 2010

Tom what an excellent photo—-had to print it off as a great memory of knowing personally a great photographer and one who so generously gives to others—–heres hoping you work is chosen for Canada’s National Archives——-Yours for better Photography

Bill Warren

September 30, 2010

Thanks Tom, that is quite an accomplishment! I’ll be sure to look for it the next time I am at Chapters. Thanks so much for sharing.

Barb Gregotski-Day (Dalton-Timmis)

September 29, 2010

It was nice visiting with you and Doreen at Bessie’s memorial gathering yesterday. That was a terrific tribute to a wonderfully caring lady…she will be missed by all.

I forgot to offer you my congratulations on the completion of your book. I would like to get a copy and hope that you would also inscribe it for me. This must be quite a proud accomplishment.

Terry Robertson

September 27, 2010

Congratulations, Tom!! Oh my goodness. I just realized it’s been 38 years since I started working at Kelley Advertising and met you first while shooting International Harvester trucks. We then graduated to the Dofasco Steel plant. Those were the days! Alan Cummings had just opened his book store and everyone thought his ‘Different Drummer’ name suited him perfectly ☺ Hope all is well with you and yours. “keep on truckin” as Jake Gair used to say. May God bless.

Fran Breithaupt (Ellis)

September 22, 2010


There is space in my inbox once again! I will watch for The Art of Industry and recommend your book to the West Vancouver Library in the next half hour! A delight getting together with Pat & George, Bob, Danny, Mike Milne and others.

We will reunion again…Dennis

September 22, 2010


Our congratulations on your achievement… will be of great interest especially to friends who’ve lived and worked in Hamilton over the years. We’ll let them know about your book; will also mark Sept. 28th, 7 p.m. down on our calendar to be sure not to miss the video on Cogeco!

Henry and Jean

Great stuff Tom, your photographs opened up another world for me, never having been involved in industry. There is beauty everywhere if you know how to find it and you do.

Tom Bibby, Probus

August 12, 2010

Great shot! (the one of you at your desk) I love it! The other shots are extremely interesting and nicely show your extensive background! You ARE an artist!

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